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Monica Horan Rosenthal -Amy, Everybody Loves Raymond

Monica Horan Rosenthal

-Amy, "Everybody Loves Raymond"

The Flourish Foundation


"Meghan is a gifted diagnostician who tailors workout sessions to address where you are physically and emotionally. This is not one-size fits all program. Meghan incorporates the reality of circumstances in your life and building habits around that reality. Meghan takes on your goals as her own and guides you towards realizing them, inside the session and out."

Monica Horan Rosenthal -Amy, Everybody Loves Raymond

"As a woman in my late 30s, I have been looking for the perfect workout for many years. I especially wanted to regain my flexibility and strengthen my core after having two children. Meghan’s Urban Barre private training sessions have been the solution to my search for a perfect workout. Not only have I strengthened muscles I didn’t even know I had, but I have never felt so strong and good about myself. Meghan’s sessions are thoughtfully planned, challenging to the mind and body, and a lot of fun! She is a great motivator and makes you feel proud of your body and abilities."

Elisha Snedeker, Finance Director

"Meghan Braun has changed my life, and especially my back, for the better! I came to Meghan in complete pain, from a spinal fusion I had about 10 years ago, which has left me with two metal rods and 30 bolts, permanently attached to my spine. And while I was utterly grateful that I could have the procedure to straighten my spine, I was frustrated by the pain I began experiencing about two years ago. I felt a constant throb and pressure in the lower right quadrant of my back that prevented me from standing up straight, walking normally or just going about my life each day. At a loss, I was referred to Meghan, as I was told she was a "true miracle worker" and that I should call her as soon as I could to get my pain under control. From my very first meeting with Meghan I knew she would not only help me get onto my path of healing, but she would be able to offer me advice that was practical and would give me the change I so desperately needed. She put me at ease and made me feel confident that I did NOT have to accept the pain.  As I began to attend sessions with Meghan, I began to see my body transform and be able to do things I had just a few weeks prior thought was impossible. She always went into each session with the theory that we are not going to push the body to an extreme, but rather listen to what it is telling us. The real beauty was that Meghan was tailoring each one of the classes to my individual needs, therefore it is not a one size fits all, mentality. Your ailments, body and personal goals are the focus of every single session, giving you the desired results you are looking for. Each time I left Meghan's I felt relaxed and stretched, yet energized and ready to take on the world! She's a great teacher, who will always be patient, kind, and enthusiastic to get you onto the path of being the best version of you!"
Meghan Kurz, 

"Meghan is one of the most talented, creative, and driven professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has extensive experience in the creative arts as well as arts administration and is one of my most favorite people to have had the pleasure of interacting with for the past 10 years. Her dance classes were the best I’ve taken anywhere."

Sharon Erlich, Medical Editorial Director, New York and Philadelphia

"If you are lucky enough to wander into one of Meghan’s Urban Barre or Urban Classes, here’s what you can expect:

You can expect to find a passionate, talented, teacher who observes with great interest, knows how the body works, and loves bringing each student, (dancer or not) to their potential.
You can expect to be UNABLE to stay still once you start watching Meghan move.
You can expect to work hard, surprise yourself, and, maybe even delight yourself.
You can expect to leave with a smile;  feeling stronger, and more graceful, than you did when you began.
And, if you stick with it,  you can expect that strength, and grace, will find it’s way into other areas of your life."
Susan Barbella, Musical Theatre Director