Urban Barre empowers strength that lasts beyond the studio walls.

It transforms the way you look and feel.

Actress Monica Horan Rosenthal, Amy from “Everybody Loves Raymond” and Bhavna Shyamalan are some of Urban Barre clients and supporters.



Not a one-size fits all.

Urban Classes are for every age and every level.

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Meghan Braun, Founder and Director of Urban Barre.

From a dancer to choreographer to Urban Barre innovator, Meghan encompasses all the quality of the best training in the disciplines of dance, pilates, yoga, massage, and healthy life styles. Currently under her care and training are actors, athletes, dancers, and people who care how their bodies look and feel.

The experience of studying the different disciplines has taught her the best exercises for the particular part of the body which enable to custom fit the workout to the the need of the individual. Every client emerges from her Urban classes - energized, a little sore and feeling ALIVE!

Workouts Include Elements Of Pilates, Ballet Barre, Bands, Weight Training, Meditation And Massage.

  meghan@urbanbarre.com 610.659.6234